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Replacement transportation

In case of car salvage, roadside assistance or car repatriation, Van Eijck provides replacement transportation if required. We do this for alarm companies, insurance companies, leasing companies, fleet owners and dealers, among others. We offer this replacement transportation to stranded travelers in partnership with Rentrunner and are available 24/7 for this purpose.

Direct contact

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Replacement transport in case of breakdown or damage

Breakdown or damage to a car usually happens at a very unfortunate time or place. By providing substitute transportation through our principals, we offer the stranded traveler the opportunity to resume their journey as quickly as possible.

Once you call our dispatch center and there is an order to deploy a vehicle , we can check with you where the nearest replacement vehicles are available and within what time frame they can be on site. Our aim is to deploy an equivalent car, however, this is not always possible. Of course, the car can be returned afterwards, by agreement with the rental company, to an address close to the driver’s home or work address.

Frequently asked questions about replacement transportation
I have damage or breakdown with my replacement car. What can I do?

Please call the number on the key fob or rental contract you received with the vehicle. If the vehicle is a Rentrunner and it is out of office hours, you will find a service booklet in the glove compartment with the contact information of the rental company behind it. This states how to proceed. You can then later report what has occurred to the landlord during office hours.

What are the opening hours?

We are available 24/7. The opening hours of our branches vary by location and they are not free. Please contact us using the contact form to make an appointment at one of our locations. Tell us when you would like to stop by and the reason for your visit. (if possible include license plate number). We will then contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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