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About Van Eijck

Van Eijck is an internationally operating salvage and transport company with strategically located offices in the Netherlands. Our experienced staff performs a wide variety of towing, salvage and (international) transportation services of cars and trucks 24/7. To this end, we have a modern, versatile and well-maintained fleet of vehicles. Alarm companies, insurance companies, leasing companies, fleet owners, dealers and businesses regularly call on us. They choose Van Eijck because of our personal, customer-oriented way of working, fast response time and committed employees.

Direct contact

Use our services? Using the information below, you can contact our team directly.

24/7 personal contact

Thanks to our central planning, requests for help are quickly and tightly coordinated and we will be quickly on site.

Replacement vehicle

Modern and representative replacement transport available 24/7. So you never come to a standstill.

Professional emergency vehicles

We work with an extremely modern fleet of over 100 vehicles. This enables us to carry out road assistance, calamities, transport en salvage in a very efficient way.

Innovative and Sustainable

Our Development & Maintenance department develops innovative improvements for sustainable and even better assistance.

Modern and environmentally conscious fleet

Van Eijck has a modern fleet of more than 100 vehicles, including trucks, tow trucks, recovery vehicles and car transporters. This enables us to efficiently handle all towing, salvage, repatriation and transportation requests for you. Our fleet of replacement vehicles is also modern and representative. Our fleet of vehicles complies with the European Union’s Euro 6 laws and regulations that set maximum vehicle emissions. In addition to this excellent equipment, we work with professional staff who are efficient and customer-oriented. They are emphatic about the vehicle and any cargo, but emphatic also about the rider and any passengers.

Van Eijck provides:

  • Car salvage
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Truck Storage
  • Repatriation
  • Transportation Services
  • Replacement transportation

Van Eijck stands for Innovation and Development

Van Eijck has its own Development & Maintenance Department. Developers, body builders and mechanics work here. This department develops innovative improvements, such as the smart, customized loading floor in our roadside assistance vehicles. We perform maintenance on our equipment in-house based on all applicable environmental standards.


Van Eijck has an internally developed automation platform for the integrated execution of its assistance services, called VRS. Through a secure customer portal, it is also possible for an increasing number of customers to track a file in near real-time.

The platform coordinates the digital assignment and sign-off, the management of employees and equipment, the registration and logging of information regarding the files, as well as the secure and AVG-proof processing of only the necessary data required in an emergency response.

Invoicing for our various business units also comes together in this platform.

24/7 Personal contact

At Van Eijck, we work with a centrally managed schedule where all mobility assistance requests are coordinated for our eleven branches. We are available 24/7. Because of this centralized and tight coordination, we are quickly on site for any emergency request.

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