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Vehicle Repatriation

Van Eijck is the partner of insurers for the repatriation of stranded cars abroad. With our special transport vehicles, we provide car repatriation throughout Europe. With these vehicles, we are able to perform our services efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner. Our experienced staff is also skilled and customer-oriented. They have an eye for the driver and any passengers when picking up a car abroad.

Sometimes a car cannot be repaired on site. If the diagnosis shows this then there is often the possibility of transporting your vehicle to the Netherlands. Van Eijck provides this repatriation of cars. For this, we are available to our clients 24/7. One message is enough to initiate our services, wherever the car is in Europe.

Direct contact

Use our services? Using the information below, you can contact our team directly.

Repatriation cars abroad

If a vehicle is stranded abroad, it is obviously very annoying. Car repatriation involves a lot of things. Van Eijck is happy to assist you in this regard. We quickly pick up your car from abroad. After we pick up the stranded car, we deliver it to your desired delivery location, such as your own workshop, a body shop or the dealership, in consultation with the client.

Working together on car repatriation

Should it be necessary, for car repatriation we cooperate with foreign partners for emergency assistance and salvage.

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