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Car Transport

Van Eijck specializes in car transport. In addition to national car transport, we also operate internationally. We provide car transport throughout Europe. As a reputable car transport company, we have a large number of our own car transporters and a strong network of partners with whom we work. With our services, both in the Netherlands and in Europe, we operate mainly for emergency call centers, insurance companies, lease companies, fleet owners, dealers and other companies in need of professional and reliable car transport. Naturally, as a car transport company, we can transport any type of car.

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Van Eijck Autotransport for years trusted and safe

Van Eijck has years of experience transporting a wide variety of vehicles for a wide range of clients. We have modern, well-equipped auto transporters that are suitable for almost any transportation, ranging from trucks and coaches to passenger cars and forklifts. In addition to our modern fleet, we make the difference above all with our professional, committed staff, with the right knowledge and expert insight. They are trained and experienced in car transport and have sufficient knowledge and skills to efficiently perform car transport even in the most challenging conditions. With their professional eye, they consider in each case what equipment should be used to transport your vehicle to the desired location. Your car is in trusted hands and guaranteed to be transported safely and insured.

Car transporting for diverse clients

It happens daily that we are called in for car transport to pick up a car somewhere in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. We perform car transportation for a wide variety of clients. We pick up your vehicles and deliver them to the agreed location within the agreed time. In numerous situations, car transport by Van Eijck can be a solution. For example, we transport cars from one location to another for dealers and rental companies, provide transportation of cars for emergency call centers, transport cars to and from European destinations for freight forwarders, and provide driver changes for fleet owners. Of course, we also transport non-moving vehicles, as all our trucks are equipped with a winch. Of course, you can also call on us for car transport of motor homes and caravans. From transporting large volumes of vehicles to a one-time request of a single vehicle. What car transport can we provide for you?

Keeping auto transport costs manageable

For car transport, we are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The complete worry-free car transport is central. Due to our strong network of experienced car transport partners across Europe, we can always arrange car transport within a few days. In addition to this quality service, we also guarantee competitive rates. Auto transport costs are manageable at Van Eijck by using as many of our own auto transporters as possible. Of course, we are happy to offer you a free quote. We base this on mileage, the number of cars to be transported and their dimensions. Van Eijck is also known for its personal, customer-oriented way of working, quick response time and committed employees. This also means that we completely unburden you regarding the car transport and also make the complete file of the car transport transparent for you.

Car transport Europe and international transport

Every day Van Eijck transports vehicles quickly and safely to and from destinations in Europe For us, transporting cars does not stop at national borders. We are called upon almost daily for international or European car transport. We strive daily to transport cars and all other types of vehicles quickly, flexibly and carefully to any desired destination throughout Europe. To this end, we invest a lot of time and attention in our international network of cooperating partners in the field of auto transport in Europe. Thanks to our skilled drivers and strong partner network, we can also transport large vehicle flows directly, without intermediate stops and transshipment. We can respond flexibly to varying volumes because we combine our own fleet with a good and large partner network. In this way they are always able to respond quickly, appropriately and flexibly to your request for international transport of a car or even several cars.

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