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Car salvage

Van Eijck provides auto salvage for all types of vehicles. Car salvage also includes the salvage of bicycles, motorcycles, vans, trailers, trucks and special vehicles, which are left by the roadside with breakdown or damage. We often refer to this type of work as “light salvage,” due to the difference between cars and trucks. Vehicles up to 3500 kg (own weight plus payload) thereby fall into the light salvage category. Our certified salvagers are available 24/7 to take care of every job for you quickly, professionally and safely.

Being unexpectedly stranded with a vehicle is annoying and never convenient. Whether it is a technical defect, a flat tire or if the vehicle is involved in an accident, it is a pleasant thought that Van Eijck’s salvagers are ready to provide quick assistance. If on-site repair is not possible, we make every effort to recover the car as quickly as possible. In other words, we immediately start towing the car away.

Direct contact

Use our services? Using the information below, you can contact our team directly.

Car salvage for and by professionals

In the field of car salvage, we operate for a variety of parties in the automotive industry. These include insurers, dealer and transportation companies, alarm companies and fleet owners. We are up to date with current laws and regulations in the field of auto salvage. When recovering, towing, towing or securing vehicles with breakdown or damage, it comes down to working quickly and safely.

Van Eijck has years of experience in salvage work and works quickly, competently and safely. In doing so, we try to minimize disruption to other road users. That our clients appreciate this method of car salvage is evidenced by the long-standing cooperation we have with many of them.

Regional car salvage

Salvaging cars comes down to speed. For car towing service, our emergency room is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For example, we are on standby day and night from several regional branches for (car) salvage, towing or towing services. The branches are managed from a central planning office that coordinates all mobility assistance requests. This allows us to be on site quickly for any emergency request. Does the assistance fall outside our service area? If so, we can refer you or mediate assistance for you.

We have a modern, well-equipped fleet of specifically equipped salvage and roadside assistance vehicles that includes professionally trained salvage specialists who feel closely involved with the stranded road user. They know the ropes when it comes to our emergency services, but also have an eye for the driver and any passengers. Experienced salvagers perform the emergency response quickly and competently. In consultation with the client, we transport the car to a garage, body shop or to one of our depots as agreed.

Contract partner IMN Foundation

For car salvage on main roads, Van Eijck is a regular contract partner of the Netherlands Incident Management Foundation. This foundation is responsible for the salvage of passenger vehicles on major through roads in the Netherlands. For that purpose, the IMN Foundation works with about 54 qualified salvage companies, including Van Eijck. This means that we meet established quality standards in terms of operations, personnel, salvage vehicles and company location. We also have all the certificates required for this purpose.

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