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Truck repatriation

Sometimes a truck, coach or trailer gets stranded abroad. In that case, Van Eijck can arrange for truck repatriation. With our modern for heavy recovery fleet, we can handle the repatriation of any type of truck and bus abroad. As a result, we can quickly and expertly provide a solution for repatriating your truck abroad. In case of truck repatriation, we take on the full coordination and execution of the transportation. We pick up the stranded driver and, if required, can also take care of the cargo to minimize cargo damage.

Direct contact

Use our services? Using the information below, you can contact our team directly.

International truck repatriation

We understand that it is very annoying when your truck is stranded abroad. Van Eijck is happy to assist you with the repatriation of your truck. For truck repatriation, we work with established partners throughout Europe. Because of this direct contact with foreign salvagers, we can give you quick and clear insight into the condition of the vehicle and any cargo after an accident or stranding. Should the need arise, we cooperate with colleagues abroad for emergency assistance and salvage.

It’s good to know that Van Eijck’s salvagers are ready 24/7 to handle truck repatriation for you. One phone call is all it takes to initiate our services wherever your truck is in Europe. In doing so, you can rely on our prompt service. We strive to repatriate your truck and cargo as quickly as possible. Of course, we will bring the truck to the desired delivery location in close contact and consultation with you. We will always keep you informed in this regard.

Extensive fleet for truck repatriation

Whether you stand still with dry bulk, with live cattle or refrigerated food, you can always call Van Eijck. We don’t leave anyone by the side of the road. For truck repatriation, Van Eijck has a modern, extensive fleet of over one hundred diverse emergency vehicles. For example, we have the latest salvage trucks and flatbed trailers for picking up your truck or bus abroad.

Truck repatriation requires not only the right equipment, but also the right knowledge and expert judgment. For this reason, our staff is trained and experienced in truck repatriation. They have sufficient knowledge and skills to efficiently carry out truck repatriation even in the challenging conditions. With their professional eye, they consider on a case-by-case basis what equipment should be used to get your vehicle to the desired location. In doing so, they pay attention to any damage present and safety.

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