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Car Breakdown Service

Breakdown on the road is always inconvenient. If you find yourself on the side with your vehicle broken down, it’s nice to know that roadside assistance is always nearby. Van Eijck provides 24/7 auto breakdown assistance and, if necessary, additional transportation to a repair facility. We provide roadside assistance in cooperation with-and for-leasing companies, insurance companies, dealerships and car rental companies, among others. Are you stranded with your vehicle and need roadside assistance? Then call your own roadside assistance service immediately. For example, this could be your brand dealer if you have mobility warranty or your car insurance if you have roadside assistance co-insured. The emergency center will then contact the breakdown service immediately.

Don’t have roadside assistance coverage purchased anywhere? If so, please contact us without obligation.

After being notified from an emergency center, you can count on Van Eijck’s fast breakdown assistance. Immediately after the first report of car breakdown, we get to work. We then make every effort to be there as soon as possible to provide you with roadside assistance. Arriving on location, we first check with the rider to see if we can repair the vehicle immediately. This can also be a temporary repair. Mobilizing is our business. Is repair not possible (anymore)? Then we will make sure your car is taken off the road as soon as possible.

Direct contact

Use our services? Using the information below, you can contact our team directly.

Breakdown assistance through Mobility Guarantee

More and more car dealers provide a mobility warranty during the manufacturer’s warranty or as long as you service the vehicle with them. Often this is a free service depending on arrangements you have made with the dealer. This an increasingly a full-fledged alternative to a roadside assistance service. The dealer then engages van Eijck for quick and professional roadside assistance. We help motorists both in the Netherlands and Europe.

For more extensive help, you sometimes have to pay extra. Transportation of the car to the Netherlands and any personal transportation costs are often reimbursed. Reimbursements for replacement transportation and hotel stays, for example, may vary by mobility guarantee agreement. Do you have a breakdown and use mobility guarantee? If so, call your dealership immediately.

Breakdown assistance through car insurance

Van Eijk is a regular partner for almost all insurers. Breakdown assistance can be additionally insured with many car insurance policies. The premium depends mainly on the provider, age of the car and coverage area. The insurer will engage a garage or towing service for you in the event of a breakdown. Breakdown assistance through car insurance often has standard coverage. For example, on-site repair, transportation of your car to a nearby garage or replacement transportation is covered.

Uninsured expenses include those you incur without authorization. The maintenance status of your car also plays a role. It must be well maintained if you want to be assured of roadside assistance. Do you have a breakdown and have supplemental insurance? If so, call your insurance company directly .

Lease cars and roadside assistance

Van Eijck works with a lot of leasing companies. Whether your car is privately or business leased that makes no difference. Even with a leased car, you may need roadside assistance. You are then entitled to roadside assistance through the leasing company. Again, the first step is to see if the car can be repaired on site. If not, it will be taken to the nearest garage.

Conditions do apply to roadside assistance so always read the terms and conditions for clarity. Free roadside assistance may not be available. Even then, it is still advisable to call your leasing company first. The latter then engages van Eijck to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

AutoPech assistance throughout the country

Breakdown assistance comes down to quick response, proficiency and safe operation. Van Eijk has years of experience in car breakdown assistance. We provide roadside assistance for many leasing companies, insurance companies, dealerships and car rental companies. We do this from our own offices and, where necessary, with support from our European partner network.

These activities are controlled from one central control room. As a result, they work accurately and quickly at van Eijck. The roadside assistance vehicles are equipped with the most comprehensive tools and equipped with readout equipment. Our experienced roadside assistance mechanics are skilled and customer-oriented. They have an eye for you and any passengers. In addition, they try to minimize disruption to other road users.

Shall we work together?

Do you have a large fleet and/or are you a fleet manager and would like to partner with van Eijck? Then contact us directly, we will help you immediately!

Frequently asked questions about Roadside Assistance
What are the opening hours?

We are available 24/7. The opening hours of our branches vary by location and they are not free. Please contact us using the contact form to make an appointment at one of our locations. Tell us when you would like to stop by and the reason for your visit. (if possible include license plate number). We will then contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Is payment by credit card possible?

Yes, payment can be made by credit card. At all of our locations in the Netherlands, our employees are equipped with a mobile ATM that accepts all known debit and credit cards.

Can I pay in cash at van Eijck?

Cash payment is available. However, for your and our safety, we ask that you pay via Pin if at all possible. At all branches, our employees are equipped with a mobile ATM. No change is available at our locations. Therefore, when paying in cash, please make sure to bring exact change.

Can I use debit cards with you?

At all of our locations in the Netherlands, our employees are equipped with a mobile ATM machine which accepts all known debit and credit cards.

How can I request a quote?

Please contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

My invoice is not correct. What Now?

Please contact us using the contact form. Include your invoice number and what you think is wrong with the invoice. Our financial administration will contact you as soon as possible.

Is my car at van Eijck?

Contact us us through the contact form and we will let you know as soon as possible if your car is at one of our locations.

Where is my car?

You will soon be able to track the status of your vehicle through our customer portal. An invitation will be sent to you if your phone number is known on our behalf or you have provided an email address when handling an outreach.

Depending on the client, your vehicle will be delivered to its final destination within 1 to 7 business days. In some cases, the client has contracted with another party to organize transportation to the delivery address. Your question is best put to the principal at that time.

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