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General Disclaimer

  • You are on a website of the van Eijck Holding BV, or one of its affiliates.
  • Van Eijck Holding BV reserves the right to make changes or additions to the information made available without prior notice. In addition, the content of this website is copyrighted. Reproduction or distribution of the texts and images made available here requires prior written permission from Van Eijck Holding BV.
  • Van Eijck Holding BV is not liable for any consequences, of whatever nature and extent, that may arise from the use and interpretation of the customer portal or its websites.
  • Van Eijck Holding BV takes care to keep the content of the customer portal and websites up to date. Nevertheless, Van Eijck Holding BV is not liable for inaccuracies or omissions in the content offered.
  • No rights can be derived from the content of our websites and customer portal. Van Eijck Holding BV reserves the right to change and/or remove the content of the customer portal at any time.
  • Van Eijck Holding BV has no influence on the content of websites that may be referred to, which are outside its own domains.
  • Dutch law applies to the website and disclaimer. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the website and disclaimer shall be brought exclusively before the competent court in the Netherlands.
  • The ABVV-VBM terms and conditions apply to our work within the Netherlands. For transport outside the Netherlands, the CMR-AVC conditions apply.


  • Through our website, a cookie is set by the U.S. company Google, as part of the “Analytics” service. We use this service to track and get reports on how visitors use the website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so, or to the extent that third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. We have no control over this.
  • We have set up Google Analytics to be AVG compliant. This by adopting the required settings from the Personal Data Authority as described in this document. The information Google collects is anonymized as much as possible. Your IP address is expressly not included. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.
  • Third-party plugins are used on our website and customer portal, including those from Google (GoogleMaps, Analytics) and Microsoft. For the proper functioning of these extensions, you are requested to allow cookies. These parties may provide this information to third parties if required to do so by law, or to the extent that third parties process the information on behalf of the affected party. We have no control over this and have done as much as possible to limit the data sent to these parties.
  • More information regarding enabling, disabling and deleting cookies can be found in the instructions and/or using your browser’s Help function. Please keep in mind when deleting and disabling cookies that our website or customer portal may not work optimally as a result.

VRS Customer Portal

  • By accessing and using the Customer Portal, you also agree to this disclaimer.
  • Customer Portal content may contain confidential information and may be subject to legal or contractual confidentiality obligations. Partly for this reason, certain information may not be displayed to you as a user of the customer portal.
  • Please report inaccuracies to us if you believe they are required for the proper provision of services.
  • In many cases, the content of our client portal is filled with information provided from our client or third parties. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the information displayed in all cases. Our assistance staff will review the crucial dates with you, correct them where necessary and ask you to sign them.
  • The route map and related information shown is for indicative, informational purposes only. It is quite possible that while driving to your stranding location, a steered vehicle is assigned to another file and at some point another vehicle is steered. It may also be the case that the vehicle shown is not the only approaching vehicle. We express the hope of being able to show you a realistic reflection of our expected arrival time and route.
  • Independent sharing of information from the VRS Customer Portal is not permitted.
  • Photographs in the VRS Customer Portal will be a scaled-down version of the original and will be imaged. In a few cases, black or white images may appear instead of the expected pictures. This may occur when there was no opportunity to take the photos, or when the situation did not permit it (think of situations involving serious injury or worse in an accident). We always try to include no persons in the picture and to photograph as much as possible from the prescribed positions. No rights can be derived from the absence of photos either.
  • The weather information displayed in the VRS customer portal is from MSN Weather and shows the weather conditions at the weather station closest to the incident location at the time of the incident notification to VRS. This may vary slightly depending on local weather conditions.
  • The potentially displayed (RDW) vehicle information is provided by VWE vehicle data and has a high degree of reliability. However, Van Eijck Holding BV has no influence on the content of these datasets.


  • Van Eijck Holding BV stores the following personal information in its closed business systems as a result of the services it provides:
    • Name/address/contact information directors(1);
    • Name/address/contact information license plate holders(1);
    • Name/address/contact information policyholders(1);
    • Name/address/contact information Debtors(1);
    • Name/address/contact information Clients(1);
    • Name, signature and email address senders (1);
    • Name, signature and email address recipients (1);
    • Name/address/contact information with respect to contacts or interested parties noted for some valid reason in our internal service log(s)(1);
    • Name and phone numbers of returning contacts(2);
  • The data marked with a (2) are stored in our telephone system, which can only be accessed by the employees marked thereby;
  • The data marked with a (1) are stored in our applications VRS (Domestic Assistance Netherlands) or Transplan (Transport International), respectively. Signatures are removed from our database after processing on the digital waybill;
  • Data marked with a (1) are stored by us for the legal retention period set by the government. As a rule, this is 7 years after the last consultation of the file. After this moment, the personal data involved will be automatically anonymized by our application in both production and backups.
  • Access to the VRS customer portal expires after 3 months of inactivity. It can be reactivated up to 1 year after the last use by requesting password recovery. After 1 year, accessing data is only possible through individuals who are internally authorized to access in our VRS application.
  • In the VRS customer portal, depending on the user’s rights role, only that information is displayed that can logically be expected at the rights role. The roles are divided among:
    • Director;
    • License plate holder;
    • Policyholder;
    • Client;
    • Insurer;
    • Debtor;
    • Road manager involved (no access to personal data);
    • VRS Employee (access depending on job role);
    • Sender;
    • Recipient;
  • Information from records is shared among the above stakeholders only for the purpose of handling assistance. No information is issued regarding other accident involvement. A digital exchange via API is available for exchange with a large number of clients/debtors. A processor or sub-processor agreement has been entered into with these parties for this purpose;
  • The above information may further be issued only pursuant to a court order.
  • Photos and signature taken through our VRS-APP are only briefly stored in a closed “container” within the application and sent to our VRS-Cloud environment during job processing. The photos and signatures are then immediately removed from the phones;
  • Signatures are removed from our VRS Cloud environment after they are processed on the PDF waybills and sent to the affected stakeholders. Our goal is to start replacing the PDF waybill entirely with the (closed) VRS Customer Portal;
  • Photos are also subject to the legal retention period applicable to our records. CMRs and bills of lading (digital) are currently subject to a retention period of seven (7) years after the file is completed. Photographs and signatures are therefore also part of this.
  • The basic principle of our organization is to record as little personal data as possible. We therefore primarily record only the data legally required of us, data necessary to communicate with a data subject within the scope of case processing, as well as the data required of us by our client in order to properly process the assistance in their own systems, or those of their clients.
  • An agreement to the processing of your data is included in the provisions of the ABVV-VBM conditions, the AVC conditions and/or the signature when a service is performed through our APP solutions.
  • Data breach: our systems are not accessible from outside the organization, with which we have therefore made every effort to keep your data safe. Still, something can always go wrong. You can always report an (alleged) data breach to us in those cases, after which we will carefully and adequately try to remedy the problems and inform affected parties about the incident and the measures taken;
  • Providing customer portal login information to third parties is not permitted. Enforcement of this, however, is virtually impossible. When there is a cause, we will proceed to block access for the specific user(s);
  • The storage of our Cloud environments takes place on Microsoft Azure Servers located in Germany (personal data, storage) and the USA (storage). In addition, our company makes very limited use of our own data center facility in the Netherlands, particularly in the network facilities of our execution sites.

Social Media

  • The van Eijck Holding conforms to the Social Media Policy which is part of the ABVV-VBM conditions in all cases.
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Privacy Policy

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