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Truck Salvage

Instead of truck salvage, we also refer to it as “heavy salvage. Heavy salvage is involved in the case of vehicles from 3500 kg (own weight plus payload). Truck salvage is a lot more complicated than passenger car salvage. Truck salvage requires not only the right equipment, but also the right knowledge, experience and expert judgment. For this reason, our salvage specialists are broadly trained and experienced in this field. They have ample knowledge and skills to efficiently perform a heavy salvage operation even in the most challenging and complex conditions.

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Truck salvage by van Eijck

An accident or breakdown with your truck is never convenient. In the unlikely event that it happens to you, fast truck recovery is often of great importance. It is good to know that Van Eijck’s salvagers are ready to provide quick assistance. You can rely on our prompt service. We strive to get your truck and cargo back on the road as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a truck combination with a breakdown or a truck involved in an accident, we take all the worry out of your hands.

For truck salvage, we are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Logically, an accident or breakdown happens to you and then you want to be helped back on the road quickly. In addition, especially in an accident, it is important to clear the road as quickly as possible to ensure the flow and road safety of other road users. That’s what Van Eijck’s salvagers are there for every day.

Modern truck salvage fleet

For the salvage of trucks, Van Eijck has a modern, extensive fleet of over one hundred diverse emergency vehicles. This allows us to meet any demand in the field of salvaging trucks, coaches, buses and trailers. The vehicles are equipped with all the tools needed in truck recovery. In other words, for towing, towing or recovery of heavy vehicles over 3,500 kg, you have come to the right place.

The knowledge and experience of our employees combined with this modern salvage equipment allows us to perform almost all truck salvage operations independently. It goes without saying that during the salvage, in addition to paying attention to the vehicle, we also watch over and take care of the cargo.

Truck storage on highway

A truck incident poses a risk to safety and traffic flow. Therefore, the Central Truck Salvage Dispatch Center (CMV), on behalf of the Truck Incident Management Foundation(STIMVA), ensures that the truck is towed away quickly, expertly and safely. To do this, the CMV works with certified salvage companies. Van Eijck is part of this network and, with its truck towing service, provides truck salvage where necessary on all highways in the Netherlands. Are you stranded on an Incident Management road section? If so, we are contractually obligated to issue the order through the CMV to the fastest arriving salvage company, whereby we still offer our customers the service of completely unburdening them in the process.

Truck storage throughout Europe

Many trucks do not stop at the border. We recover and repatriate stranded trucks and coaches with a technical defect or after an accident. To this end, Van Eijck has an extensive and professional network of salvage companies. This enables us to provide solutions to stranded combinations efficiently, i.e. without unnecessary delays. If we use our network of (foreign) salvagers, the truck salvage is always performed under our direction. We also handle the financial processing if required, so that the vehicle can resume its journey after recovery.

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